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Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa: Tribal Village

Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa Palawan Aside from the

Underground River


Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa – yes there is a lot more to discover in this city of Palawan! Puerto Princessa is more than just a gateway to the magnificent Underground River.


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In fact there are many tourist destination that are within the city limits. Tourist spots that do not require you to travel that far relative to the journey heading towards the underground river.


To Tour or Not Tour that is the question?


Before presenting the list of the must see tourist spots in Puerto Princesa. It is best that I provide you with 2 options that you can choose from on how to tour the city of Puerto Princesa. First is hiring a travel agency for your tour and Second is going solo and hiring your own tricycle (motor bike).


Option 1 : Travel Agency initiated Tour- Group Tour


Price for the Half Day tour: Php 500.00

Pros of joining a City Tour:

  1. A van will pick you up at your hotel
  2. You have a tourist guide that will discuss all facts about all the destinations you will visit.
  3. You get to meet and interact with other tourists.
  4. All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait until you arrive at your destination


Cons of joining a City Tour:

  1. Your time is dependent with the other tourists.
  2. Tour itinerary is made by the travel agency.
  3. All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait until you arrive to your destination. (#Boredom)

Option 2: Renting a Motorbike Solo tour


Price for the solo tour: 500 Php ( you can haggle with the price)

Pros of going on a solo tour

  1. Choose your own adventure (wink)
  2. You own your time
  3. You have your own motorbike driver
  4. Opportunity to visit hidden tourist spots


Cons of going on a solo tour

As a solo traveler and as an Introverted person the city tour from the travel agency was not exactly my cup of tea. Thus, the reason why I made my own Erik the Hungry Traveller Tour and rented a motor bike.

I can not think of any Cons of going on a solo city tour as I gravitate more into self reflection and solo travels. No brainer right? But whichever you choose you would still get to your destination for all the tourist spots in Puerto Princesa.


Here they are! The Must See Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa Palawan :


Plaza Cuartel 

Located within the city proper, Plaza Cuartel is a World War II memorial site for the Prisoners of War. A site where 143 American soldiers were burnt alive by the Japanese army.


Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa: Plaza Cuartel
                                                                                           The Entrance of Plaza Quartel


Before the tragic events. Plaza Cuartel served as a base camp/ garrison for the American and Filipino soldiers during World War II.

Japanese soldiers locked up the American prisoner of wars (POW) in the tunnels of Plaza Cuartel. In the tunnels the captors tortured and starved these POW.

Eventually 143 American POW died through burning during December 14, 1944. However, there were 11 American soldiers who survived the mass killing.


A memorial shrine can be found in Plaza Cuartel listing the names of the 143 soldiers who died and the 11 who survived.


Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa: Plaza Cuartel
                                                                                     The Sculpture depicting the tragedy

Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED:


This is a must see tourist spot in Puerto Princesa because of its rich history. The place is an empire of both despair and hope.

How a now peaceful and tourist filled site was a former Garrison for pain and murder. Plus I am all about immersing in the culture and history of a town. If you are like me then you should make this destination part of your tourist spots to visit in Puerto Princesa.


Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral


Another must see tourist spot in Puerto Princesa located just across Plaza Cuartel is their city Cathedral.

This historical landmark was the venue of the first mass in Puerto in 1872 . The Spanish army proclaimed the Immaculate Conception of Mary as the patron of Puerto Princesa.


Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa: The Cathedral
                                                                                                 Blue Cathedral

It stands out from the rest of the Philippine cathedrals as the whole facade is in a shade of blue. Moreover, if you are quiet an observer just like me. You would notice growth of Cherry Blossoms on the church grounds. And so I thought I needed to go to Japan to see this tree.


Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED:


Mainly because I love anything that relates to art. Seeing the huge structure of the church is just a site to marvel at.

The architecture both inside and out is both medieval and modern. Plus I have never been to Japan. Thus seeing cherry blossoms is definitely an added bonus. I just wished I have seen them “blossomed” instead of just seeing the tree itself.


Bakers Hill


Now this place could not be any more literal. Yes it is a bakery on top of a (wait for it) …. hill. This place started as a small bakery/ pastry shop which later grew and became a bakery hodgepodge in Puerto Princesa.


Bakers Hill


Aside from getting your dose of breads and pastry. Bakers hill is also a zoo/ park and a restaurant. Here you can check out different type of birds and cool statues of famous cartoon characters whimsically created by local artists.


Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED:

This is a famous tourist spot in Puerto Princesa and definitely a must go especially if you love pastries and food. Like I said above its a hodgepodge of restaurants ranging from America, European and Filipino staples.

If you are not a huge foodie you can always stroll around the area and take pictures of their unique establishments and creative structures. The whole place is whimsical and fun. It is similar to places you will find in Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.


Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa: Bakers Hill

Palawan Butterfly Eco Garden

Man I am so into places that are literal. So this Eco Garden focuses on (you guess it) Butterflies! It is a huge place where you can bee one with thousands of butterfly species (did you notice what i did there?) .


Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa: Butterfly Garden


Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED:

Now this was a destination that was not part of my group tour package. I am so glad I did a solo tour and got to visit this place as this for me is a highly recommended place to visit while in Puerto Princesa. Being in the Butterfly Eco Garden releases the inner kid in you. 

Roaming around the garden is  magical (Disney style). That meeting Bambi or Snow White is a possibility while your in the Garden. Plus it is also educational as the tour guides explain to you the life cycle of a butterfly along with other fun insect facts.


And oh if you are the adventurous kind you can also hold a scorpion with your bare hands.


Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa: Butterfly Garden


Tribal Village 

I saved the best for last. Located inside the Butterfly Eco Garden. The Tribal Village is a place of cultural immersion with the indigenous people living in Palawan.

Because the ecosystem of Palawan is diverse. There are still many indigenous people living in the mountain and coastal regions of the island.


Tourist Spots in Puerto Princesa: Tribal Village

In the tribal village you get to interact with them as they teach you their hunting skills, day to day living and their music. Furthermore, it is a legit quick culture immersion and appreciation of how basic their lives are.


Erik the Hungry Traveller ENDORSED:

I am all about culture diversity and immersion. Thus, being at the Tribal Village made me appreciate how creative and simple their lives are.

Seeing them shoot blow darts at a target was awesome ( and yes I wanted to try it as well). How they create fire out of dried wood was fantastic. That they make their own music out of musical instruments they made by themselves. They also harvest Amber from wood saps (it was the first time I saw how an amber looks like.)


Tourist Spots in Purto Princessa: Tibal Village

I could rave praises about the tribal village on and on. But I guess you just have to see for yourself to completely understand why I am  all praises about the place.


There are still many tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa that is not part of this list. Like Mitra Ranch, Crocodile Farm and Nature Park and the Iwahig Firefly river cruise.

Iwahig penitentiary was a destination I wanted to go to. However, locals discouraged me to go there alone. Not for security reasons but they said it is more strict if you go there alone than in groups.

Moreover, it is a unique prison camp where the offenders are not in bars. They are in an enclosed community where they farm, create handicrafts and are with their families.

On my next visit to Puerto Princesa I will make this a priority. We never know, there may be a part 2 of must visit tourist spots in Puerto Princesa.


Tourists Destinations in Puerto Princesa Palawan is now COMPLETE!

So there we have it folks! Erik the Hungry Traveller’s ENDORSED list of must visit tourist spots in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I encourage you to visit The Philippines whether you’re a Filipino who wants to travel to Palawan or a foreigner who wishes to visit the island.

Till the next Erik the Hungry Traveller solo travel adventures!

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