Denny’s Cebu Restaurant Review by Erik the Hungry Traveller

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After months of anticipation, Denny’s Cebu has finally opened its doors to the Cebu market. The famous diner from America welcomed Bisdak customers last March 12, 2018 and became the 6th branch and only Denny’s Branch in Visayas. and Mindanao.

Denny's Cebu

Denny’s Cebu

Being that Cebuanos are very known for their serious passion for food and overall dining experience. How did Denny’s Cebu fare in the opinion of one homegrown Cebuano food connoisseur? I’m talking about me you guys Erik the Hungry Traveller (just in case you have not figured it out yet , wink)

Now in order for me to better provide my insights for Denny’s Cebu I actually went to the restaurant on 2 separate occasions with different amazing people over a span of 2 weekends of April (April 14 and April 21, 2018) . One at dinner and one at lunch time respectively.

The reason why I chose the past 2 weeks was mainly because they’ve been in the Cebu restaurant business for a good one month. Meaning their cooking have normalized and we can factor out the “first impressions always last” piece of the review (as sometimes quality diminishes over time).

Being that I love food I would say that my palette is very particular with what is good and what a rip off meal is. Thus when I say its good or bad then ladies and gentleman you better believe it!

* before I continue let me just place a disclaimer that I was not in any way or form paid by Denny’s Cebu for this review. This is an honest opinion of a Cebuano food travelling critique.

And so we begin dissecting Denny’s Cebu: (cue mad scientist music on the background!)

So how does Denny’s Cebu rank in terms of food quality? Well before I give out my verdict. Let me also provide my thoughts on the restaurant’s customer service and overall ambiance.

For Erik the Hungry Traveller: Food Quality, Customer Service and Restaurant Ambiance are critical pieces for a restaurant to succeed especially in the Cebu market. Each aspect needs to be more than acceptable for customers to keep on coming back to that place.

A perfect example of a Cebu flop for failing to balance out the 3 essential criteria was Maple with its previous location now occupied by Abaca Baking Company in Ayala.

Now I will be rating each criteria on a scale of 1 star to 5 stars . 1 being the lowest and 5 as Superstar quality.

So let the hunger games begin!


Denny’s Cebu : Customer Service

4 Stars 

Denny’s Cebu is located at the ground floor near the entrance of Robinson’s Galleria Cebu besides TGIF and at the opposite wing of Starbucks if your benchmark is the entrance. Upon arriving at the doors of Denny’s Cebu you will be greeted by the warm smile of their attendants who will instantly recommend a table for you.

Now, on both of my visits we were seated at the long couch which was very comfortable. On my first visit to Denny’s Cebu though the couch was initially unavailable as it was dinner time. We requested slightly demanded 🙂 to be seated at the couch. The waitress immediately took us to a long table and promised us that as soon as a couch is available they will transfer us to the said area. While we waited the attendant provided us with their serviced purified water and of course their menu.

Deny's Cebu

My Fellow Connoisseurs

For both of my visits I would say the customer service was pretty neat. The attendants clearly had customer service training and were very congenial all throughout our dining experience.

When you asked for something, in my case fresh milk for my coffee they gave it to me right away. The check/bill (oh the bill) which usually takes time for some restaurants to provide to the customers was relatively quick during both of my visits.

Denny's Cebu

Mama and ME

So why not give them a perfect 5 stars? Well the only improvement that they need to do is their upselling. Dennys Cebu and their other affiliate restaurants have their discount card which you can get for 2500 Php.

I wanted to get one as it can be used across a lot of their affiliate restaurants however the attendant selling us the card confused me a lot (and I can be very impatient slightly attention deficit when i can not comprehend the thought process of the person talking) Long story short, I lost interest and decide not to buy the said card.

Denny's Cebu

Well that for me was a minor flaw and perhaps for other customers they may have a different response to the confusing up-selling explanation of the waiter. But nonetheless it will have to cost them my one star.


Denny’s Cebu:  Restaurant Ambiance

5 Stars

If you are a fan of my blog (and I can count by the fingers of my hands for those fans of mine ) you would have known by now that I am a highly introverted individual thus i value my space and my personal bubble.

Again, this is not a universal critical criteria but I prefer restaurants that offer breathing space for all its dinners. That despite how populous the restaurant is it does not look to crowded or stressful (I see crowds as an extremely stressful situation)

With that being said Denny’s Cebu passed my standards with flying colors. Especially during my first visit the place was quiet jam packed but it did not feel like it. Perhaps because of the high ceiling and well distanced chairs and tables.

Denny's Cebu

The Ambiance

Privacy was also of premium quality in the area. Thus friends can easily hang out / tambay at Denny’s Cebu for a well-deserved catching up or libak-libak sessions (ask a Cebuano friend what libak means wink ).


Denny’s Cebu: Is the Food yummy?

Now for the final criteria and perhaps the most important one of them all. Does Denny’s Cebu actually offer sumptuous meal that is comparable to the already established front runners in Cebu and Philippine market?..

As a starter Denny’s specializes in staple American breakfast meals. From pancakes, waffles to salads you name it they have it. For Denny’s Cebu/ Philippines they also customized their menu to include Filipino favorites. They also also offer meals such as grilled bangus, beef tapa, pork chops and the like.

Denny’s Cebu Food Quality ….I’m Getting There >>

4 Stars

What I like about their food is that it meets your expectation of how waffles and pancakes would taste like. Their pancakes are fluffy and rich while their waffles are crunchy yet easy to nibble.

They also offer a caramel sauce for their pancake “puppies” (and no they’re not made of actual Puppies)  aside from the staple maple syrup which by the way is unlimited (well I assume it is as it is placed with the other condiments on each of their tables).

Lastly their Pinoy inspired meals is nothing to rave about but is decent enough to order.

Here is what we’ve ordered during my two visits at Denny’s Cebu:

all pictures in this blog were taken by Erik the Hungry Traveller

April 14, 2018 – Good for 3 adults and 2 kids 

*( we were extremely full- tummies very satisfied)

Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad (large) – Php 445.00

Denny's Cebu

Grilled seasoned chicken breast, glazed pecans, apple slices and dried cranberries atop a bed of spring mix. Tossed in honey balsamic vinaigrette.

Denny’s Share for All – Php 565.00 * ( a good meal to order for groups)

Denny's Cebu

a combination of pancake puppies, chicken fingers and fries served with ranch dressing , wings sauce and caramel sauce.

Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate – Php 445

Denny's Cebu

Chocolate chips and white chocolate chips inside two buttermilk pancakes topped with hot fudge and drizzled with peanut butter sauce, served with two eggs plus two strips of bacon and hash browns.

Fried chicken and waffle – Php 325 (always a favorite of mine in any breakfast restaurants I head to)

Denny's Cebu

Chicken fingers and skin served with Denny’s signature waffle


Total Bill: Php 1780.00


April 21 Visit – Good for 2 adults (we were not able to finish our orders thus we had it on a take away)


Denny’s Share for All – Php 565.00 *

Denny's Cebu

A new favorite of mine. if you want to taste a number of Denny’s signature meals then I suggest you order this on their menu.

Pork Belly and Eggs- php 375.00

Denny's Cebu

Grilled pork belly with Filipino barbecue sauce and served with two eggs and garlic rice.

Another great thing about them is that they accept senior citizen discount on your total bill so kudos to Dennys Cebu for complying and loving our lolos and lolas.

Total Bill: Php 738.56 this is already less my mother’s senior citizen discount.

The Final Verdict: Denny’s Cebu Dining experience

4 out of 5 stars!  Must Go To Restaurant!!!

For a well-established international restaurant it met all my expectations. From the food, to the service to its ambiance. There are minor areas of improvement but heck no restaurant is perfect. Overall I am extremely happy with my dining experience with Denny’s Cebu and I highly encourage all Cebuanos and  to drop by Denny’s Cebu at the ground floor of Robinsons Galleria.


About the blogger: erik the hungry traveller is a lover of arts, travel, photography and of course food. Visit his instagram pages for more adventures: IG: erikjamesart, ejrequina, erikthehungrytraveller or email him at [email protected]

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