Introvert Friendly Cebu Restaurant and Where to Find Them

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When choosing a restaurant to dine all of us have our preferences. Which places are our favorites? And which restaurants we hate. As an introvert, deciding a place where you can eat in peace and enjoy the food can be tough.  Perhaps a question on every introverts minds is where the bleep can you find an introvert friendly Cebu restaurant?

And if there are introvert friendly Cebu Restaurants are they pricey?

As a food lover and a full on introverted person I get YOU! Yes, my fellow introverts I know how you feel. The feeling of anxiety of eating in a place where its too crowded. You enjoy eating there but there is just to many people.

Thus here are my suggestions of restaurants where “our kind” can  actually hang out comfortably without spending too much.

Disclaimer: I was not paid by any of these restaurants. My thoughts are based on actual dining experiences : Although a VIP  pass to any (if not all) of these restaurants will be appreciated. 

As a starter let me pay tribute to a restaurant who ended its operations but definitely screams Introvert friendly Restaurant in Cebu.

Special Mention: Camden Cafe

A hidden gem smacked at the heart of Cebu City. This was a  “do not  judge a book by its cover” type of Cebu restaurant as its facade was an  old  apartment  building.

However upon entering the place  a quirky,  fun and eccentric vibe was what you will experience.

Cebu Restaurant
Camden Cafe

This Cebu restaurant offered an all  day  breakfast  meals  that were straight  forward  yet  sumptuous . Serving  portions were good for 2- 3 people. Moreover, Camdem Cafe also had a bar on the second floor which had a grungy Fangtasia vibe (TruBlood reference) that  offered your usual alcoholic drinks.

Cebu Restaurant

What made it an Introvert friendly Cebu restaurant: The place was  quaint  thus it can  accommodate  only a handful of guests. The spacing  between tables  aren’t like your usual  restaurants  wherein  there  is  a 100% guarantee that you can hear the latest gossip from the other table.

Cebu Restaurant
The Quirkiness of the Restaurant

Location: Unit 3, Rosal Apartments, Rosal Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City

Cebu Restaurant
Drinks at Camden

And now Presenting the Top 5 Introvert Friendly Restaurant in Cebu 

 1.) Abaca Baking at Crossroads

They say nothing beats the original. I am a fan of  their restaurant located at the Crossroads Banilad.

Unless  you live under a rock Cebuanos know that Abaca  Baking is best  known for their pastries and their coffee. Although they serve American breakfast and Brunch meals as well.

Their Chicken and waffles is a favorite of mine. Well just because i love most of their dishes is not a sufficient benchmark as to why this is an introvert friendly Cebu restaurant.

So what else does this restaurant offer aside from its food?

Cebu Restaurant
Abaca Baking Burger
Cebu Restaurant
Eggs Benedict

What makes it an Introvert friendly Cebu restaurant:

I am not sure if it goes for every introvert but I love ART. The quirky, fun and bright type of paintings.  Abaca Baking  offers  such artistic vibe.

Aside from the artistic mood, their  2nd floor is elegant  and is appropriate for casual  talks.  Moreover, The food or drinks you ordered are set up to a tee. From the kitchen utensils, to your service water and condiments. Everything is provided at once.

This spares you the hassle of approaching/interacting with their servers (although their servers are approachable as well).

Location: The Crossroads, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Kasambagan, Cebu City


2.) Pigafetta

Now if you are less of a breakfast person and more of a pizza, pasta introverted type of guy or gal. Then this  is  the  place for you. Another Introvert friendly Cebu restaurant is Pigafetta.

A European inspired Cebu restaurant. Their menu offers an array of Italian cuisine which covers your  staple  pasta  & pizza favorites.  They also serve chicken and pork meals which are also very yummy.

Cebu Restaurant

Cebu Restaurant
Cheese Pizza at Pigafetta

What makes it an Introvert friendly Cebu restaurant:

The place offers a sophisticated vibe perfect for  intimate conversations.  Pigafetta  is a small restaurant however it ensures privacy between  tables.

Their waiters are within reach thus ordering and or requesting for something is  not a hassle. Plus their food is definitely worth to try!

Pigafetta Cebu Restaurant
Dinner at Pigafetta

Location: Axis Entertainment Avenue, N. Escario Street Cebu City

3.) Corner Bakery

For dessert loving introverts I got your back! Among all the restaurant i listed. This is definitely the quaintest Introvert friendly Cebu restaurant.

Its  name does reveal that it specializes in baked goodies ranging  from breads,  pastries and artisan chocolates .

Aside  from that  they also offer  meals that any food loving Pinoy would adore such as  Humba, Pizza, Pastas and other great meals.

Corner Bakery

What makes it an Introvert friendly Cebu restaurant:

Like I said its an intimate restaurant thus a group of 5  friends can  actually  fill in the whole  place thus  it  can give a homey vibe.

It gives the impression that you with your friends at your own dining table except you do not get to clean the dishes after eating (wink).

Location: 44 President Roxas Street, Villa Aurora, Kasambagan, Cebu City

4.) Ampersand

Located at Banilad Town Center. This restaurant exudes subtle elegance that offers a  great dining experience.

Their menu is a fusion of Asian, Italian and Western dishes . If you are curious on how the meals are prepared then his the place  to go to. Their kitchen is open for everyone to see. Thus meal preparations are up there !

Ampersand Cebu Restaurant
The Bar
Cebu Restaurant
Ampersand at Lunch

What makes it an Introvert friendly Cebu restaurant:

The restaurant has a high ceiling thus it gives an airy and light atmosphere when dining. I did mention a while back  that it offers a variety of  dishes and they also have a bar.

Thus it offers an all in  jam packed service which makes  any  hungry  introverts life easy. A one stop shop is what makes this Cebu restaurant introvert friendly.

Finally consistent with the other restos  on the list this place gives some breathing room to all its patrons. It does  not compromise comfort over  maximizing the guests. Definitely a thumbs up in ensuring the personal bubble of any introvert does not get disrupted.

Location: Ground Floor, Banilad Town Center, Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City


5.) Simply J’s Cafe

The last on my list is Simply Js. This restaurant has got to be the most unique and quirky restaurant on this list.

Simply Js is a Cebu restaurant that has as all  the  elements of a great  restaurant as it  offers  an array  of menu options , quirky cool finds and an over all good customer service.

Simply J foood

What makes it an Introvert friendly Cebu restaurant: 

For introverts who love a simple and sophisticated  dining experience then this is the place to go. This  among the 5 on the list is the  most  spacious and with much needed wiggle room to move around and appreciate the entirety of the restaurant.

Despite having numerous guests. You do not get a sense of it being a full house.  Their  White  themed interior helps with the calming and stress free vibe.

Cebu Restaurant
Dinner at Simply Js

Location: 10 Apitong Corner Escario Street, Kamputhaw, Cebu City

So there we have it folks the list of 5 Introvert friendly Cebu restaurant is complete!

If ever you end up having challenges on where to eat I hope you consider the 5 places I recommend.  These 5 places will not only satisfy your food cravings it will also make you giddy and happy on the inside.

Please feel free to comment below other Cebu restaurant recommendations that you feel are introvert friendly. I will be more than willing  to put my stamp  of approval ( or disapproval) on them.

About the blogger: erikjames is a lover of arts, travel, photography and of course food. Visit his instagram pages for more adventures: IG: erikjamesart, ejrequina, erikthehungrytraveller or email him at [email protected]

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