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A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Legazpi Part 2 of 3

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So here is my Day 2 solo travel in Legazpi adventure. The morning after Legazpi’s weather was again wonderful. Because of the superb whether conditions. I got to see the main reason why I booked a plan ride in Legazpi in the first place. No other than Mayon Volcano!

Day 2: Hello Mt Fuji I mean Mayon Volcano

According to the other blog sites they say that the best time to view Mayon Volcano in all its glory is at 7 am-9 am and 3 pm-5 pm. Since I woke up a bit late for a 7 am trip.

I just decided to make reservations to visit Mayon volcano and do the ATV trail the following day. I decided to just visit historic churches of Legazpi including the Cagsawa ruins. You will later on find out that this was not the case.

I went out of Balai Tinay to start my exploration around 7:30 AM. Prior to that a fellow guest who I interacted over breakfast  (a lovely couple from Australia) told me to head up to the balcony as the sky was clear enough to see the peak of the volcano.

Now prior to my solo travel in Legazpi I had zero clue how magnificent Mayon volcano was. So upon heading to the balcony of the hotel I was clueless of what I was about to see. I was definitely blown away with its magnificence and beauty that it made me even more excited for the rest of my solo travel in Legazpi adventure.

Mayon Volcano

Day 2: Spanish Colonial Churches and the Bell Tower

Aside from Mayon volcano another breathtaking attraction of Legazpi Albay are its Spanish colonial churches. So after marveling at my first glimpse of the magnificent volcano. I decided to explore the churches in the city including the famous Cagsawa Church.

If your looking to find directions on how to get to these churches. I unfortunately can not provide you with a detailed one. I relied on instructions from the locals together with the GPS of my phone to help me locate the churches I wanted to visit.

One friendly suggestion (if you are an adventurous freak like me) is to ride their public utility vehicles- their jeepneys and tricyles- . Although riding a jeepney is more cheaper than tricycles. For all my jeepney rides that I took throughout the 3 locations I paid the minimum fare of 8 Php (24 Php one way in total)

If you wish to avoid the hassle and stress of finding the churches then rent a tricycle going to these said places. Tricycle drivers ask a range of 20 Php to a maximum of 150 Php for a tricycle ride depending on the distance of the location.

The drivers will not rip you off of your money, like I said the people in Legazpi are helpful and friendly.

St. Gregory the Great Cathedral 

Solo travel in Legazpi Philippines
The church is at the heart of Legazpi, Albay. A walk towards Legazpi City hall and Legazpi park. Though the outside looks rustic and old fashioned the inside of the church is a different story. The interior of the church already has a modern architecture and design.

The Church of Daraga


Next stop and a jeepney ride away from Legazpi and into the town of Daraga . Inspired by Baroque architecture , this church was built by the Franciscan priests during the Spanish era to pay homage to Our Lady of the Gate.

Fun fact I read that certain parts of the church is a National Cultural Treasure since 2007.

It is obvious why the church had this distinction. Seeing the church facade allows you to visit olden days. Man, if those rocks could talk i bet they have centuries of interesting stories to tell.

Cagsawa Ruins

Mayon Volcano and Cagsawa Ruins

The image above is one of my favorite shots that I took on my solo travel in Legazpi Philippines. The other favorite shots are from my adventures during my ATV and Mayon volcano trek. I will feature them on my next post, so yes there is still a part 3 (wink).

Prior to this day I only had the opportunity of seeing Cagsawa ruins with Mayon Volcano as the background in school textbooks and postcards.

Never did I imagine that I would be able to catch a glimpse of one of the most popular tourist attraction in Legazpi. For that I am grateful.

Upon reaching the site you have to ride a tricycle to take you to the actual ruins . The ride was 20 Php and before entering the site you have to pay 10 Php entry.

This is a pretty affordable price considering the scenery that you will see upon entering the site.

Only the bell tower remained after the 1814 Mayon Volcano explosion engulfed the majority of the church . Its interesting how a few decades ago exploring the said site was full of sorrow and pain knowing the catastrophic events that transpired.

Now the place is a tourist attraction among locals and tourists alike.

Mayon Volcano

Solo Travel in Legazpi ATV moment is here!

At the side of Cagsawa ruins are souvenir stores that sell assorted items from the ever famous Pili nuts , Legazpi/ Bicol keychains, Abaca made products and Legazpi/Mayon/ Cagasawa themed shirts.

There you can also meet people who offer ATV rides from Cagsawa to Mayon area. Now i planned to ride the ATV during the following day but I was already there. The skies were clear (perfect to view Mayon) and they gave me a huge discount.

Thus I decided to do it and oh baby it was  the best decisions I have ever made!

to be continued. A Solo Travelers Guide to Legazpi Part 3 of 3

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