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Erik the Hungry Traveller is now ETHT!

Solo travel in Legazpi Philippines is my second solo travel for the year but my first blog post for Erik the Hungry Traveller website!

And, yes I have officially launched a travel and food blog.

Who would have thought that from a spur of a moment solo travel in the islands of the Philippines would spring forth the conception of Erik the Hungry Traveller.

I can definitely say that my first solo travel in Boracay opened a lot of ideas for me thus the reason why I decided to take my blogging seriously.

What I realized during my First Solo Travel

Meeting random people and just going out of my comfort zone was the take away that I got while I was on my Solo Travel in the Islands of Boracay.

And yes, Boracay Philippines was my first and definitely not my last solo travel!

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Because I love the experience so much thus I once again booked another flight to another destination. This time I decided to go on a place where I have never stepped foot before.

Solo Travel in Legazpi- 2nd Solo Travel for this Hungry Traveller

Now I cannot commit that my succeeding posts will still be about solo travels.

Hey, you can never predict what lies ahead. But for now let me share with you my experience while I was exploring the beautiful landscape of Legazpi, Albay.

How to Get Legazpi Albay:

The Philippines being an archipelago is composed of more than 7000 islands. One of them is Legazpi, Albay.

To get to Legazpi Albay you can either ride a bus from Manila to Legazpi which would take 12 hours.

Yikes, even I could not stand sitting on a bus for 12 hours. But who knows I may try it one day.

The other more efficient and an easier route is to head to Legazpi Albay by plane.

Travel Tip #1:

Book the flight the earliest possible time

If you plan on going on a solo travel in Legazpi taking a plan ride is not a hassle as there are direct flights in most of the major cities in the Philippines that heads to and from Legazpi.

In my case I took the Cebu to Legazpi route as I am a resident of Cebu City.

The ticket I purchased was on sale thus from the usual 2000 Php (37 USD) – 4000 Php (76 USD) roundtrip fare.

I got my ticket at 668 Php roundtrip or roughly around 13 USD. Yes, I know somebody got really lucky with purchasing the airfare.

Like any other travels the earlier you book your flight the cheaper it will be. This is particularly true with Legazpi Philippines.

The Hotel Accommodation: Balai Tinay Guesthouse

For my 3 days and 2 nights solo travel in Legazpi Philippines. I stayed at Balai Tinay Guesthouse.

A bed and breakfast hotel smacked right in the heart of Legazpi city. This artsy hotel has been recognized by travel apps as one of the best hotels in Legazpi Philippines.

This is one of the reasons why I chose this hotel- well another factor was I got a good discount plus the hotel offers free breakfast.

I got my Balai Tinay hotel accommodation for 2400.00 Pesos (38 USD).

Solo Travel in Legazpi: Day 1

I arrived in Legazpi at dusk (flight got delayed a couple of hours) thus I figured I would not have any time to do some sight-seeing.

So the plan was to just check in at my hotel and perhaps grab some dinner as soon as I have settled down in my room.

Legazpi is a quiet town. Not a place that is thriving with tall buildings but a humble place teeming with nature with a pinch of progress.

I actually like the vibe of the place. It is definitely a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of the city life that I’m so used to.

The mode of transportation in the Legazpi would either be Tricycles (similar to tuktuks in Thailand) and Jeepneys which is a famous mode of transportation in the Philippines.

I arrived at Balai Tinay roughly around 6pm. There was a tad struggle with the direction as I do not speak their dialect which is Bicolano and my Filipino speaking skills sounds very awkward- well at least for me that it.

But despite the semi language barrier I still managed to find the hotel.

Once I got settled I decided to explore the neighboring area to look for something to eat.

First Order of Business: Grabbing Something to Eat!

The hotel is just a short distance away from the center of the city. I found a restaurant which I am absolutely sure can only be found in the Legazpi Albay region.

Biggs Diner is a 24 hour diner that offers an array of dishes from Baby Back Ribs (their best seller), Burgers, Fried Chicken and even desserts.

I could have ordered their Back ribs –if I was a fan of Ribs but I am not so I gravitated towards signature Legazpi/ Bicolano dishes.

I decided to order the pork chop with Laing and their Biggs Macaroni and Chicken soup. My meal along with a regular size house blended ice tea cost 260 Pesos (5 USD).

Dessert is a Must for this Hungry Traveller

Thus dessert I decided to visit another must go to restaurant in Legazpi, Small Talk Cafe.

It was way fancier than Biggs Diner and they offer more food choices including pastas and pizzas.

Since I was already full coming from Biggs Diner, I went right away to their recommended best seller dessert which was the Pili pie with brewed coffee on the side. The combo costing me 100 Pesos.

Solo Travel in Legazpi Philippines: Food Trip 1st Day Verdict

Now I take food trips by heart. That is the reason why I decided to use Erik the Hungry Traveller as my blog page name.

With that being said, the food was not to die for both Biggs and Small Talk Cafe.

But what made my Day 1 Solo Travel in Legazpi Philippines aka Food Trip 1st Half memorable was the overall dining experience.

The staff: from the waiters, cashiers even the security personnel were courteous and accommodating.

Upon arrival at both Biggs and Small Talk Cafe you will be greeted with their wonderful staff.

They check on you if you like your meal and offer food suggestion to compliment what you ordered.

They were also quick to their feet in explaining their entrees which i definitely appreciate being that I was not so familiar with some of the dishes on the menu.

Recap of Day 1

Well there you have it folks my first day in the scenic city of Legazpi.

I ended day 1 of my solo travel in Legazpi Philippines with a full almost exploding stomach.

And the excitement for my Day 2 adventures where I plan on visiting Legazpi’s iconic tourist destinations including the most popular perfect cone shaped volcano , Mt Mayon.

Here is the rundown of my Day 1 Travel Expenses Including my Plane Fare to and From Legazpi

  1. Plane Fare via Cebu Pacific – 668.24
  2. Balai Tinay Accomodate (3 days and 2 night) – 2400
  3. Dinner @ Bigg’s Diner Old Albay – 260.00
  4. Desert @ Small Talk Cafe – 100.00

Expense total for Day 1 : 3, 428.28 Philippine Pesos

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